It’s been a month since I published “Lessons that I have learned in Australia (Part 3)”. So, I decided to post the next part of this topic. In this part 4, I’m going to tell you one of the popular problems that most international seem to be struggled with and my personal opinions those things.

#5 – The wrong thought when choosing majors

I saw the process of things that international student tended to do before they decided to enroll the units:

  • They googled and asked other people about “hot” majors to guarantee that they will have the stable job after graduating.
  • Then, they removed the majors which aren’t eligible for PR in Australia.
  • Finally, they chose and enrolled one of the courses in the list.

My opinion: 

If you are an international student and following the process above, I ensure that you are playing the game wrong. As you know, the world can be so adaptive which costs the constant changes along time. It means the flow of the economy is possible to change, leading to the shift in people’s need as well as the eligible majors for PR in Australia.  So, what will happen if you waste your time on chasing “the majors in the list”? And, what will happen if you study the major which you aren’t passionate about to follow the hot trend in the job market?

I have a friend who received the PR license in Australia last year. He was doing a course – which was related to business – as an international student. He told me he based on the list for PR in Australia and the “hot” majors list to choose and enroll that course 5 years before. Unfortunately, he can’t get a stable job which matches what he studied in the university because that major is currently missing its spot in the job market. So, although he’s got the PR in Australia, he has to spend 4 years from now on doing a nursing course to get a full-time job.

My recommendation:

Before choosing the course for studying, you have to consider these things below:

  • Is your choice dependent too much on today’s job market as well as the eligible list? (If your answer is “YES”, I think you should reconsider about that before deciding to enter that course.)
  • Does that choice suit your passion? (If your answer is “Maybe” or “NO”, I think you should immediately remove that course from your list. Why do I give that advice? Let’s think of why you have to pay for things you don’t seem to like it. Unlike the local students, there is no debt for you because you are an international student – which means you have to pay money (up to $90k) for your education without the support from the government. So, instead of paying for the “b*llsh*t” PR and the “freaking hot” majors on the job market, it’s better to invest in your dream/ your passion.
  • Is it what you would like to choose or what other people (parents, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc.) choose for you? (As I wrote in “Lessons that I have learned in (part 2)”  – if you’re totally controlled by the judge or the hope of your family members – which means you have no plan for who you’ll be and what you love to do, “you s*ck”. Why do I say you are in trouble? Nobody can decide who you truly are, apart from yourself. So, you need to spend time on planning your life instead of thinking of your family members’ judge. Why? Because you are a person who draws your dream and your life, but not them.

In the end, we are our choices.

– Jeff Bezos-

It is our choices that show what we truly are far mroe than our abilities.

-J.K. Rowling-