Hi guys!

My name is Hung but you can also call me Peter. I am an international student in Melbourne, Australia. I am currently studying a degree in Bussiness Analysis at Swinburne University. My passion is doing business, so it is crucial for me to learn more things related to business such as digital marketing, management human resources, analysis and so forth.

I love reading books, writing blogs, cooking, traveling and playing online games (League of Legends and Hearthstone)

Welcome to my blog, where I am going to post weekly sharing my thoughts on business-related topics and my experience of studying overseas. I will also share my thoughts about lessons from books which I have read. Additionally, there will be some posts about my favorite such as traveling, games, food, and cooking.

Feel free to share your knowledge and opinions on any of my blog posts so that we could learn from each other.

If you want to contact me, please click on contact page to get my information! 

Hope you guys enjoy this blog!