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Book Review: The Profit of Kindness – Jill Lublin

After the last post about book review (Crush it! – GaryVee), I decide to publish this post for reviewing one of the must-read books today – ‘The Profit of Kindness’ written by Jill Lublin. My feelings I’ve learned a lot of things about business and life since I finished this book. This book changes my […]

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Likes, Hearts, Shares and Followers – Are you playing the game wrong?

  There is no doubt that social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,etc.) is used commonly in today’s information age. Almost millennials, who were born after 1980, spend more time for checking what is happening around themselves through those applications. Besides that, they also care about others’ attention such as the number of likes, hearts, shares and […]

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2 short stories I want to tell you!

A few days ago, it was Chinese New Year. I went to the Chinese fair, which was celebrated in Melbourne China Town, with my family. It was an interesting day for me because it was the first time I experienced this occasion in another country – Melbourne. When I walked around the fair, two things […]

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