C# Tutorial – Part 3: Object-Oriented Principles

After knowing some C# syntaxes, method, and class, it's a time to learn more about Object-Oriented Principles (OOP). Thus, I will cover most of the things about OOP - OOP Goals, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, etc. - in this #3 tutorial.

C# Tutorial – Part 2.2: Class

In the last post, I introduced to you some basic concepts about method in C# programming language. Also, you knew why theΒ method is necessary and how you can use it to make an efficient program. In this second post of the #2 tutorial, I will introduce to you some basic concept aboutΒ class in C# programming language.

C# Tutorial – Part 2.1: Method

In the #2 tutorial, I will cover 2 other concepts that support you to make an efficient program. [Method | Class]. To make it easy to follow, I will separate the #2 tutorial into 2 parts. I will cover the knowledge about [Method] in this part and the knowledge about [Class] in the next part.

C# Tutorial – Part 1: Getting started

In this first tutorial, you will learn more about 2 things. 1.Which IDE did I use for my project? How to use it? 2.A few basic syntaxes in C# programming language.