C# Tutorial – Part 3: Object-Oriented Principles

After knowing some C# syntaxes, method, and class, it's a time to learn more about Object-Oriented Principles (OOP). Thus, I will cover most of the things about OOP - OOP Goals, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, etc. - in this #3 tutorial.

C# Tutorial – Part 2.2: Class

In the last post, I introduced to you some basic concepts about method in C# programming language. Also, you knew why the method is necessary and how you can use it to make an efficient program. In this second post of the #2 tutorial, I will introduce to you some basic concept about class in C# programming language.

C# Tutorial – Part 2.1: Method

In the #2 tutorial, I will cover 2 other concepts that support you to make an efficient program. [Method | Class]. To make it easy to follow, I will separate the #2 tutorial into 2 parts. I will cover the knowledge about [Method] in this part and the knowledge about [Class] in the next part.

C# Tutorial – Part 1: Getting started

In this first tutorial, you will learn more about 2 things. 1.Which IDE did I use for my project? How to use it? 2.A few basic syntaxes in C# programming language.

The MyQA Game

This is the Question and Answer game which can be used in many purposes. For example, students can use it for measuring how well they understand their school. Another useful purpose is that parents are able to know how well they understand their children.