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As you know that winter is coming to Melbourne, so the weather is really cold now. Because of that, I decided to go to Hakata Gensuke restaurant with my friends two days ago in order to taste a hot and delicious Ramen bowl. It was the first time I came here but it was out of my imagination due to its delicious food.

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Business #3 – E-Commerce AND Some Ideas To Start Your Business

The e-commerce market has currently become one of the most potential markets, just as “start-up” is the hot topic of conversation for today’s millennials. There are four reasons for being aware of E-Commerce as well as three ideas that would help you start your own business. Hopefully, you could find values out of this post.

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Books, Business

Book Review: The Profit of Kindness – Jill Lublin

After the last post about book review (Crush it! – GaryVee), I decide to publish this post for reviewing one of the must-read books today – ‘The Profit of Kindness’ written by Jill Lublin. My feelings I’ve learned a lot of things about business and life since I finished this book. This book changes my […]

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2 short stories I want to tell you!

A few days ago, it was Chinese New Year. I went to the Chinese fair, which was celebrated in Melbourne China Town, with my family. It was an interesting day for me because it was the first time I experienced this occasion in another country – Melbourne. When I walked around the fair, two things […]

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